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Readers Respond: What is the Best Show in Las Vegas?

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  • From the article: Best Shows in Las Vegas
    I've recently provided you with my favorite Las Vegas shows. Now you may agree,disagree or think me crazy, so I'm giving you a voice. Tell me what I got right, what I got wrong and what I missed all together.


    Breath taking from the start to finish Would go back again again
    —Guest jane


    Now, you know I'm a Bryan fan, but I'm on the fence about the trunks. He looks good in them, for sure, but they're a liltte too Speedo-like for my taste. (Because I know you and Bryan value my opinion so much, lol.)
    —Guest NYznxyqUGbuQ

    Jersey Boys

    If you only see one show...ever...gotta be the Jersey Boys... the best show on the strip.
    —Guest Matag

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