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Readers Respond: What are your favorite Las Vegas Sportsbooks?

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In preparation for March Madness and the craziness that is bracketology I'm looking for your favorite Las Vegas sportsbooks. Big or small, on the strip or off the beaten path, I'm interested in them all. Please feel free to include any hints, interesting prop bets, great parlay cards and any quirks or tips you may have.

Best and worst sportsbook

I used to go to the Hard Rock. They had recently updated their book. Which is really nice! i loved it. Last year I stayed at HRB and I found out Cantor Took over. What does that mean? It means NO FREE DRINKS while betting. They hooked up race bettors but screwed me! I was betting but they didn't care. Poor customer service. I won't go back!
—Guest Chuck M (NC)

The Orleans? You have to be joking!

Crappiest sporstbook in Vegas, can't believe you have it in the top 10.
—Guest Robert Marley


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—Guest nRdtADmtIWj


Ballys and Imperial Palace. they are both big enough and you can move around a little. Harrahs is worthless
—Guest gene smith

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