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Las Vegas shopping and services run the gamut from small privately-owned shops to giant outlet malls. Whether you want to buy designer clothes, gadgets, furniture, a car, or just need to unwind at a relaxing spa, you'll find everything you need right here.
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Las Vegas Libraries
Libraries in Las Vegas and Clark County

Walking Tour of Town Square
A walking tour of Town Square in Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas Libraries
One of the first things many new residents do is find the closest library. While Las Vegas has literally thousands of other things to do, a great library system has been shown to be one of the most effective ways of educating and entertaining all levels of citizens, from kids just about to enter school to seniors looking to keep their minds fresh.

Las Vegas Library Benefits
The days of library's being stuffy places, filled with dust, creaking wooden shelves and irritable and spectacled school marms shushing you mercilessly are long gone, at least in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Clark County Library District serves all of the Las Vegas Valley and provides innumerable services to the community.

Las Vegas Farmer's Markets
Nothing make one feel part of a community like a good farmer's market. The products are local, the profits are earned by locals and usually the bang for ones buck is superior to big box stores and supermarkets. Here in Las Vegas we are blessed with a number of great farmer's markets, most that run all year round.

Las Vegas Monorails and Trams
In Las Vegas cabs are the most popular means of getting around on the Las Vegas Strip. While they are many benefits to taking cabs, including easy access at all casinos and speed, they can get pricey. That's where, in theory, the four monorails along the Strip come into play. Below you'll find info on all four monorails and trams.

The Deuce

Albertsons Locationsn in Henderson and Boulder City
Albertsons is one of the largest and most convenient grocery store chains in Las Vegas. With 35 locations across the Valley there is likely to be one in your neighborhood. There are seven locations in Henderson and Boulder City.

Albertsons Locations in Las Vegas
Albertsons is one of the largest and most convenient grocery store chains in Las Vegas. With 35 Albertsons locations in Las Vegas there is likely to be one in your neighborhood, whether it be Summerlin or Downtown.

Ethel M. Chocolate Factory and Botanical Cactus Garden.

Las Vegas Comic Book Shops

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