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Setting Up Your Las Vegas Utilities

A Step By Step Guide to Setting Up Utilities in Las Vegas


Whether you are new to the Las Vegas Valley, setting up utilities in your own name for the first time or moving to a new residence, getting utility service can be a giant pain. This guide will help simplify your life by providing you with one place to find all the info you'll need to start your new life in Las Vegas.


Contrary to popular belief Las Vegas does not get most of its electricity from the Hoover Dam (most of that is sold to consumers in Arizona and California), but instead from natural gas power plans owned by Nevada Power. The easiest way to get new service is to...Read More.


Few cities on Earth are more beholden to their access to clean water than Las Vegas. Without the Lake Mead Reservoir formed by the Hoover Dam, and a few deep water aquifers, Las Vegas would quickly return to the barren desert from whence it came. The Las Vegas Valley Water District is...Read More.


Natural gas has soared in popularity over the last several decades due to its efficiency and quality for cooking, heating and use in hot water heaters. Not all homes and apartments are set up to...Read More.


While many cities across the country use taxes to pay for trash collection services, Chapter 9.08 of the Las Vegas City Code, requires Las Vegas residents to pay individually for these services as they do water and electricity. Republic Services is responsible for...Read More.

Recycling Service

Recycling has become as important to cities across the country as traditional trash and garbage collection. Green initiatives, the economic and social benefits and the diminishing land available for dumps and landfills have made recycling a must do for Las Vegas. In many ways Las Vegas is a...Read More.


The Las Vegas Valley has always been ruled by water and it is the Clark County Water Reclamation District's job to ensure that all waste water is collected and treated for reuse. The Clark County Water Reclamation District charges...Read More.

Television and Internet Service

As telecommunications technology continues to change more and more companies are providing television services in the Las Vegas Valley. From traditional cable and satellite television to newer internet streaming technologies, like...Read More.

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