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Las Vegas Utilities - Electricity.

Setting up Your Electrical Power in Las Vegas



Whether you are new to the Las Vegas Valley, setting up electrical power in your own name for the first time or moving to a new residence, getting electricity can be a giant pain. This guide will help simplify your life by providing you with one place to find all the info you'll need to start your new life in Las Vegas.

Nevada Power Company

6226 W. Sahara Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89102
(702) 367-5555

Phone Numbers

24 Hour Customer Service - 702-367-5555 -
Main Number -
Toll Free - 800-331-3103
702-367-5554 - En Espanol

Contrary to popular belief Las Vegas does not get most of its electricity from the Hoover Dam (most of that is sold to consumers in Arizona and California), but instead from natural gas power plans owned by Nevada Power. The easiest way to get new service is to head to their website and fill in the online form, or you can head into the office or call them. Normally Nevada Power will require a deposit which is 150% of the residences highest monthly bill from the previous year. This deposit can be waived with a letter of good credit standing from another power company. Letters can usually be acquired from your previous power company with a simple phone call. After one year of good credit this deposit is usually available for refund, but you'll need to ask. New houses will usually need to make a $90 deposit to begin service.

Check into incentives and rebates for Green Technologies and other energy saving tips.

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