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Mt. Charleston

Hiking and Skiing in Las Vegas' Back Yard


Mt. Charleston

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Rising nearly 12,000 ft from the desert of Southern Nevada, Mt. Charleston is the king of the mountains that surround Las Vegas. This year round playground features hiking and camping int he spring, summer and fall and skiing in the winter. A relatively short 35 mile drive northwest of th Strip, Mt. Charleston feels like a world apart. Averaging 20 to 30 degrees cooler than the normal Las Vegas temperatures, it can be a respite from the midsummer heat waves that pour across the Strip.

While the skiing on Mt. Charleston will not compare to the world class resorts in nearby Utah and Colorado, it is still a great place to head for a daytrip to get away from the fast paced lifestyle we Las Vegans tend to live. The sounds of nature are something often lost to us, and a day at Mt. Charleston is a great cure all.


Mt. Charleston is located 35 miles northwest of Las Vegas. Take 95 N and turn left on Route 157 W to Kyle Canyon Road. The mountain is open 365 days a year for various activities. Check Weather Conditions before visiting as inclement weather and early snow can make road travel difficult and weather is dramatically different than in the Valley. Check out he complete weather and snow report.

2275 Kyle Canyon Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89124

(702) 873-8800

The Resort at Mt. Charleston
Mt. Charleston Lodge
Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort


The Mt. Charleston Lodge and The Resort at Mt. Charleston combine to provide 76 rooms and cabins for rent and are the closest lodgings to both the ski area and the hiking trails.
Check Room Rates for The Resort at Mt. Charleston Here.
Check Room Rates for other hotels near Mt. Charleston Here.

Restaurants and Bars:
There are several dining dining options in the Mt. Charleston area. Here are those located at the ski resort or one of the hotels near Mt. Charleston.


  • The Resort at Mt. Charleston has gaming slots but no table games.
  • The Mt. Charleston Lodge has no gaming


  • Mt. Charleston is 11,916 ft (3,632 m) high.
  • This makes it the tallest mountain in Southern Nevada's Spring mountains.
  • This makes it the 8th tallest mountain in Nevada.
  • Mt. Charleston is the most topographically prominent peak in Nevada and the eighth such in the contiguous United States
  • There are 150+ hiking trails on Mt. Charleston


I grew up in New Hampshire where mountains and hiking and skiing and nature where just a short jaunt away. When I first moved to Las Vegas I predictably got caught up in the hustle and bustle of the Entertainment Capital of the World. I learned the rules to gambling for the first time, I took in several of the famous Las Vegas Shows like Mystere and Zumanity. I worked, I played , I stayed up till dawn.

But after a while that got a bit tiring. My spirit needed cleansing and only a trip to the great outdoors would cure my ills. I first ventured to Red Rock Canyon and soon added Mt. Charleston to the list. Hiking can ease the soul and I'll confess to spending a day hiking and reading Bill Bryson's A Walk in the Woods. The day refueled me and while my trips back have been fewer than I'd like the lure and call of Mt. Charleston remain a powerful lure when the daily grind and craziness of Las Vegas takes its toll.

So grab a friend, the spouse and the kids or go it solo and recharge and rejuvenate at Mt. Charleston. Take up skiing, buy a tent and experience the outdoors in a way we Las Vegans often forget. Be sure to tell me of your adventures, make suggestions and have fun.


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