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The desert southwest is rich in history and folklore. Here you'll discover the facts and myths that surround Las Vegas from its modest beginnings as a desert pioneer settlement to today's glitzy adult playground.

The History of Nevada Day
Nevada Day history and facts.

Las Vegas History
A very comprehensive website created by the Las Vegas Sun the includes videos, timelines, and pictures about the people and places that made Las Vegas famous.

The Neon Museum
A non-profit organization to preserve and study the Las Vegas's neon signs.

Las Vegas Natural History Museum
The Las Vegas Natural History Museum is a non-profit dedicated to educating Las Vegas residents on the history and natural wonders of the valley.

Las Vegas Centennial
A fun site dedicated to the history of Las Vegas, including personal stories, walking tours with pictures, and information on the state centennial license plates.

McCarran Airport History and Timeline
A timeline of Las Vegas's McCarran International Airport from its beginnings in 1920 to today.

Books on Las Vegas History

A History of The Fourth of July
Any third grader knows the basic history behind the 4th of July. The Thirteen Colonies, that would eventually make up the original United States of America, rebelled against the tyranny of England and in The Declaration of Independence they, well declared their independence. Strangely independence was actually declared two days earlier on July...

Odd and Interesting Historical Facts About Las Vegas
You came to the desert to eat, to gamble and to see a show or two or perhaps you're a longtime native or newbie. Regardless of how you came to this city in the desert welcome and bravo to you. That’s what Las Vegas is all about. But beneath the obvious, hidden under the neon glow are little known facts, places and oddities.

Mt. Charleston
Rising nearly 12,000 ft from the desert of Southern Nevada, Mt. Charleston is the king of the mountains that surround Las Vegas. This year round playground features hiking and camping int he spring, summer and fall and skiing in the winter. A relatively short 35 mile drive northwest of th Strip, Mt. Charleston feels like a world apart. Averaging...

Red Rock Canyon
Red Rock Canyon is often the first natural wonder that new residents of Las Vegas check out. Its combination of proximity and wondrous natural beauty make it a no-brainer for busy Las Vegans. Great for hiking, bicycling, camping or just exploring, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area features a great visitor's center with tons of helpful...

The Grand Canyon
The Grand Canyon is one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World and lucky for us Las Vegas residents it is close enough to make one of the best Day Trips or Long Weekends you will likely ever have. Whether you rent a car, take a bus, hire a guided tour or zip out on a helicopter to the Grand Canyon it is a trip you'll want to make again and...

Grand Canyon Tours
In fact the Grand Canyon is so massive, so truly amazing that one often feels at a loss of where to start. But fear not Las Vegan. Dozens of companies from Las Vegas to Phoenix and beyond specialize in making your trip to America's natural wonder, be it your first or tenth, an amazing learning experience.

The Linq
By 2014 the face of the Las Vegas skyline will forever change with the arrival of The Linq. Caesar's has invested $550 million dollars to turn a long underused plot into the hottest new entertainment complex not only on the Strip, but anywhere in the world. The Linq will redefine Las Vegas the way CityCenter did in 2009.

Shops at the Linq
The Linq promises to revolutionize the Las Vegas Strip in 2013/2014 the way that CityCenter did on 2009. While the High Roller will be the focal point of this massive new entertainment complex, the shopping and restaurants will be the draw that keeps locals and visitors alike coming back again and again.

Restaurants and Barsat The Linq
Below you'll find a preview of the restaurants and drinking establishments set to open throughout late 2013 and early 2014. These watering holes will be a great addition to Las Vegas and will ensure that The Linq is the newest must see attraction.

The High Roller
Las Vegas has become a place of iconic landmarks. The Luxor fires a beam of light into space, millions of people watch The Fountains at Bellagio and The Stratosphere looms high over the desert. But in 2014 when The Linq is fully open they'll be challenged for the top spot on the Las Vegas iconic landmark list by The High Roller.

The Hoover Dam

The Neon Museum
the neon museum in Las Vegas

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