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Early Voting in Clark County


Early voting in Clark County begins October 18. It's made available for residents who can't or won't make it to their polling place on Election Day, November 4. It begins the Saturday 17 days prior to Election Day and ends the Saturday before Election Day, spanning a total of 14 days. It's available at several locations across the county, including malls, supermarkets, libraries and other community centers.

Who May Use Early Voting

All registered voters may take advantage of the early voting option. Upon arriving a designation polling location, your signature and proof of ID will be required for verification and is entered into a central voter registration database that prevents anyone from voting twice. Voting sites in Clark County use computerized touch screen computers that provide ballots in both English and Spanish.

Where Is Early Voting Located

Early voting locations vary across the county. The two types of locations are neighborhood and permanent: Permanent sites are usually located in areas with high traffic like shopping malls and supermarkets and stay in place the full 14 days of early voting. These sites usually have between 20 to 40 voting machines.

Neighborhood sites are usually only available for a few days and include places like libraries and community centers. They have between 6 to 15 voting machines.

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