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Setting up Your Garbage and Trash Service in Las Vegas



Whether you are new to the Las Vegas Valley, setting up garbage and trash removal service in your own name for the first time or moving to a new residence, getting garbage service can be a giant pain. This guide will help simplify your life by providing you with one place to find all the info you'll need to start your new life in Las Vegas.

Republic Services

770 E. Sahara Ave.
P.O. Box 98508
Las Vegas, NV 89193-8508
(702) 735-5151

While many cities across the country use taxes to pay for trash collection services, Chapter 9.08 of the Las Vegas City Code, requires Las Vegas residents to pay individually for these services as they do water and electricity. Republic Services is responsible for all trash collection across the Las Vegas Valley. Currently the trash collection fee is about $13 per month.

Republic Service offers twice weekly trash pickup. To order new service call (702) 735-5151 or email them with a service request. When ordering it is advised to add the 96 gallon mobile cart for a small leasing fee, otherwise you must provide your own trash receptacles that can be no larger than 33 gallons apiece.

Currently Republic Services does not have an online payment method. Click here to request that they start providing this service.

Here are some more trash tips direct from Republic Services.

  • Please use nothing larger than a 33 gallon trash can or lease a 96 gallon mobile cart from us. All trash must be contained.
  • Please limit your solid waste on any one pickup to six 33 gallon cans.
  • Tree limbs must be tied and bundled and should not be more than 6 feet in length.
  • You may place your heavy items out on any scheduled pickup day. Limitations: No more than 50lbs and can not be more than 6 feet in length.
  • Break down all cardboard boxes and tie them in bundles. The accepted dimensions for broken down cardboard is 3ft x 4ft.
  • Please use one location for trash pickup.

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