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Las Vegas Newspapers

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Las Vegas Newspapers

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Whether you're new to Las Vegas or a long time resident looking to get more involved with your city, this guide to Las Vegas Newspaper will help you stay on top of all things Vegas. From local politics to business to entertainment, these print sources are the must reads to stay up on all the issues that make Las Vegas home.

Las Vegas Newspapers

These daily and weekly publications remain the authority on all the happenings in the Las Vegas Valley.

Las Vegas Review Journal (Daily)

Nevada's largest daily newspaper, the Review Journal has been published since 1909 and has long been known for its Libertarian leanings. With a daily circulation of nearly 200,000 copies it has long been considered the voice of Las Vegas. Featuring such well known columnists as gossip and celebrity guru Norm Clarke, whose near daily postings about the famous and the ridiculous among Las Vegas' celebrity culture have become must reads. Add in the LVRJ's tough take on local and national politics and it is easy to see why this paper has lasted foe over a century. Subscribe Here.

Who Is It For?: Libertarians and those with a more conservative mindset.

Las Vegas Sun (Daily)

Begun in the 1950's by famous Las Vegan Hank Greenspun, whose media empire Greenspun media publishes many of the magazines further down this list, as a counter voice to the Las Vegas Review Journal. it's political take is much more toward the liberal side than the LVRJ creating a long standing rivalry between the two papers. It is therefore very odd that beginning in 2005 the Sun stopped independent print distribution and created a partnership with their rival that now sees the Sun distributed as an "insert" of the Review Journal. The Sun's editors and writers remain independent of their distribution partner and their editorial mission has become more focused on politics. The Sun has an extensive website that remains at least as comprehensive as any other news source in Nevada. To subscribe to the print version purchase a subscription to the Las Vegas Review Journal.

Who Is It For?: Political junkies and those with a more Liberal mindset.

Las Vegas Weekly (Weekly)

This alternative weekly focuses heavily on culture and the arts, with a liberal bent on political and cultural issues. Distributed for free by businesses and restaurants around the valley it has long been the insiders source for what's new and hip in Las Vegas. It began life back in 1992 as Scope and covered Generation X culture. It was purchased by Greenspun Media in 1998 and changed its name to The Las Vegas Weekly. Essential for its daily calendar of Las Vegas happenings, it also has some of the funniest and most thought provoking blogs the Valley has to offer. Some favorites include the Kat's Report and Luxe Life by Robin Leach. Available all over the Las Vegas Valley for Free.

Who Is It For?: Entertainment and Culture loves and those with a decidedly Liberal mindset.

Las Vegas CityLife (Weekly)

Sharing the same parent company as the LVRJ, Las Vegas CityLife is the Valley's other alternative weekly. Actually older, sorta, that the Las Vegas Weekly its approach to news, culture, politics and entertainment is similar in tact, if different in content. Whether you are young and hip or mature and culturally diverse, CityLife is a great way to see the comings and goings of Sin City. Favorite blogs include the syndicated, and somewhat naughty, Savage Love and Socrates in Sodom by teacher Chip Mosher that pokes witty fun at all the various excesses of Las Vegas. Available all over the Las Vegas Valley for Free.

Who Is It For?: Entertainment and culture lovers who love a bit of edge and humor with their news.

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