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Las Vegas has long been known as Sin City, but for the numerous charitable organizations across the Valley this nickname is just plain wrong. From organizations that feed the hungry to old standards like the American Red Cross these organizations prove that Las Vegas does care. Use this handy guide to Las Vegas Charities find the best places to donate time, money or unwanted goods.

Adopt a Rescue Pet

At Animal Shelters across Las Vegas there are unwanted pets that need a good home. It is the job of the folks at Adopt a Rescue Pet to help good pets find great owners. Check out there website or call (702) 798-8663 for more information on adopting a pet or for donating money or volunteering time.

American Legion

The American Legion has long been dedicated to making the lives of Veteran's easier while helping their communities in any way they can. Donate time and money to help a wounded vet today. Check out their website for more information.

American Red Cross

One of the oldest and most cherished charities in the world has a very active branch right here in Las Vegas. The Red Cross is dedicated to helping those in need during and right after a disaster. From large scale operations like the Katrina relief in New Orleans to smaller, but no less important, relief efforts right in our own back yard. You can not go wrong extending a helping hand to the Red Cross. See their website for all the ways you can help.

Ronald McDonald House

"Believing that every child deserves a safe and supportive place to grow" the Ronald McDonald house has long been a refuge for children (and their parents) who come to Las Vegas to secure urgent medical care. Believing that family is the key to recovery, the Ronald McDonald House's mission is to help family's stay together during these time. Donate time and donate money through their website.

Opportunity Village

One of the best loved of all Las Vegas charities, Opportunity Village provides you guessed it opportunities for children and adults with intellectual disabilities by providing them activities, vocational and job training and social recreation all designed to help these citizens feel a welcome part of our community. They are famous for the yearly Magic Forest attraction every Christmas. See the website for more information on ways you can help volunteer, donate money or help in other ways.

Salvation Army

One of the oldest and most prevalent Christian charities in the world, the Salvation Army's mission is to help in any way possible. From food, to used clothing and home goods, to job training and rehabilitation programs, there is always some way you can help at the Salvation Army. See their website for more information on how to volunteer, donate money or help in other ways.

Three Square

I recently had the opportunity to talk with Three Square founder Julie Murray and came to truly understand the amazing ways that Three Square (as in three square meals a day) has helped those Las Vegas residents who would otherwise go hungry. I urge you to check out their website and donate time or donate money. In the words of Julie Murray. "Just do one thing." I promise you, it'll feel amazing.

United Way of Southern Nevada

The United Way has long been one of the big dogs in the Las Vegas charities world. These guys do it all and are a great starting point for new volunteers. You may have the need to volunteer, but have no idea where to start. the United Way can help match you with the perfect volunteering opportunity. See their website and start to donate time or donate money and make a difference.

The Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation

"The Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation does not cure the cancer or beat the immune disease. That job is left to the amazing doctors and nurses of the various hospitals that dot the Las Vegas Valley. But what the foundation does do is equally as important and critical." From Diamond Cake Magazine.

More Info on Las Vegas Charities

This is but a sampling of the great organizations in Las Vegas dedicated to helping those in need and improving the lives of every Las Vegas resident. See the links below for more information.

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