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March Madness in Vegas

Everything You Need To Know To Join The Action


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Every March the boys of college basketball come together for the NCAA Tournament more commonly known as March Madness. In Las Vegas March Madness is a huge deal. It is the second busiest event in sportsbooks across the Valley after the Super Bowl, brings in tons of tourism dollars, generates millions of brackets and is frankly one of my favorite times of year.

Apart from a bit of wind, the weather is great, the vibe is truly infectious and even the casual sports fan gets caught up in the excitement. After the post New Year's slowdown this time of year feels like the true beginning of spring and the imminent return of Las Vegas' busy season. Whether you work on the Strip or not you'll feel the touch of March Madness. Have fun, cheer for those underdogs and win some money.

I've compiled a series of articles to help you make the most out of the fun and games that surround March Madness. Read up and feel like an expert, and remember to check the blog often for timely updates.

What is March Madness?

What is March Madness you say? It is many things to many people, but put simply it is the annual NCAA College Men's Basketball Tournament. 64 teams vie against each other in four brackets to earn the right to hoist the National Championship trophy. For some this near month long event is the sporting event of the year, trumping even the Super Bowl.

Unlike many other events, March Madness requires little to no knowledge of the ins and outs of the sport to be enjoyed. The simple bracket structure allows for amazing feats from teams who have "no right" to become instant contenders. Few things are more exciting and embody the spirit of America like a 12th seed knocking a Number One seed out of the tourney. Read On For More March Madness Basics.

Top Ten Las Vegas Sportsbooks

Even if you're not a gambler by nature, there is something about March Madness that will suck you into a sportsbook at least once during the tourney. The sheer volume of games means there is always something happening, always somebody screaming in joy or agony.

In Las Vegas we are blessed with some of the best viewing venues on Earth. With massive screens, gorgeous surroundings and a friendly and helpful staff these sportsbooks rise to the top and provide some of the best places to watch and bet upon the big dance. Read On For More About Las Vegas Sportbooks.

Sportsbook Etiquette

Just because its a party doesn't mean there are no rules. Sportsbooks see billions of dollars a year flow in and out of their doors and whenever this much money is involved there are rules of behavior to be followed. While most of these rules follow common sense decency, some are very specific to sportsbooks. Read On For My Seven Rules of Sportsbook Etiquette

How To Bet on Basketball

My fellow About.com Guide Allen Moody is an expert on Sports Gambling and has compiled a great Ho To Guide on the ins and outs of betting on basketball. Read his primer before heading to your favorite sportsbook. He'll tech you about point spreads, totals (aka over/under) and all the ins and out for betting on the hardwood. Read More On Basketball Betting Here.

Bracketology 101

Check out About.com Guide to Basketball Charlie Zegers tips and hints for Winning your NCAA Tournament bracket. He gives you tips, hints, theories and general dos and donts that will help you dominate your office pool or a sportsbook bracket. Read More On His Bracket Busting Theory Here.

Betting Basics

While your at the best of the best sportsbooks in Las Vegas you're likely to not limit your betting solely to the NCAA Tournament. Say you want to wager on a spring training baseball game, toss a few bucks on a Manchester United game or lay down a futures bet for the New England Patriots to win the Super Bowl, but you're a newbie. Check out more of Allen Moody's great articles on all aspects of sports gambling. Read More On How To Wager on Sports Here.

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