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Las Vegas Fireworks Laws

When and Where and How to Get Legal Fireworks in Vegas


Las Vegas Fireworks Laws

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Fireworks and the 4th of July go hand in hand, but here in Las Vegas we live under the constant threat of drought that requires a higher level of vigilance and responsibility when it comes to fireworks. To that end I've reviewed the statutes governing the use of fireworks in the Las Vegas Valley.

In Clark County illegal fireworks are defined as "devices that rocket, explode or move more than 5 feet from where they are ignited." The law is designed to prevent the two greatest dangers associated with fireworks, brushfires and injuries and Clark County officials take the statute very seriously.

Outside of the County limits, in Pahrump for example, the laws differ. However just because the fireworks are legal where they were purchased does not mean they are in Clark County. Each year during the 4th of July holiday, tens of thousands of pounds of illegal fireworks are confiscated on Blue Diamond Highway alone. While law enforcement officers will always confiscate the illegal fireworks they can, and have, issued citations, fines and some offenders have even served jail time.

What Are Safe-N-Sane Fireworks?

Las Vegas can seem like the no-fun zone when it comes to fireworks, so county officials have enacted a one time a year exemption from some of the bans. From June 28th to July 4th each year over 150 fireworks stands and booths are erected to sell legal Safe-N-Sane fireworks.

"Safe-N-Sane fireworks are those that have been tested and approved by valley fire departments for use during this one week of the year. At all other times of the year, Safe-N-Sane fireworks are illegal as well as any other type of firework that flies through the air, explodes or rotates on the ground." Download the full pdf detailing all the guidelines.

Every fireworks booth in Las Vegas must be approved and inspected by a Clark County Fire Marshall before being allowed to open, so if you buy your fireworks from one of these legal booths you can be assured that the fireworks you have purchased are legal. MAKE SURE to use them all before midnight on the 5th of July or you will be in violation.

Safe Fireworks Handling and Tips

  • Fireworks should be used on a flat, firm surface such as the ground or a driveway. Fireworks are illegal on the street and sidewalk.
  • Stay away from bushes, grass and trees, or anything else that might catch fire. Stay away from vehicles.
  • Have a bucket of water and/or garden hose available for use in case of fire.
  • There should be a responsible adult present when fireworks are being used.
  • After the firework has been used, it should be picked up with a shovel, dropped into a bucket of water and left to soak for several hours before being discarded in the trash.
  • “Duds” or fireworks that did not go off after being lit should be picked up with a shovel and dropped into a bucket of water. You should not try to relight it.
  • If a fire does start because of fireworks, don’t panic. Use the garden hose or bucket of water to put the fire out or prevent it from getting larger. Call 9-1-1 for emergency assistance.
  • Fireworks should never be used in a building.
  • Any type of firework, including Safe-N-Sane fireworks, is illegal at midnight on July 5.
  • Fireworks are illegal at all times on streets, city property, school district property and in any park.
  • Fireworks are not permitted on federal property, which includes all parks and recreational areas such as Lake Mead, Mount Charleston, Spring Mountains and Red Rock. There is an extreme danger of fire in the parklands and people caught using fireworks can face an extremely stiff penalty.

Thanks to the City of Las Vegas for the list.

Where Can I See Legal Fireworks Shows in Las Vegas?

Want to avoid the hassle, expense and potential legal pitfalls of hosting your own fireworks show? You're in luck as there are numerous casinos, municipalities and businesses across the Valley that will put on great shows for you.

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