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Each Spring the boys of summer come to Cashman Field and bring with them the crack of the bats, the rounding of the bases and hotdogs, beers, fireworks and fun. The Las Vegas 51's are a New York Mets AAA team and each year Las Vegans get to see the next generation of up and comers.

The season begins Thursday, April 4th with road series at Sacramento and Fresno before returning on Friday April 12th for the home opener against Colorado Springs. I've arranged the schedule by month. Home Games are in Bold to help you plan a fun day watching America's Game.

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July 2013 Las Vegas 51s Schedule

  • July 1 Monday Fresno 7:05PM
  • July 2 Tuesday Fresno 7:05PM
  • July 3 Wednesday Fresno 7:05PM
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  • July 4 Thursday at Tucson 7:05PM
  • July 5 Friday at Tucson 7:05PM
  • July 6 Saturday at Tucson 7:05PM
  • July 7 Sunday at Tucson 7:05PM
  • July 8 Monday at Salt Lake 6:05PM
  • July 9 Tuesday at Salt Lake 6:05PM
  • July 10 Wednesday at Salt Lake 6:05PM
  • July 11 Thursday Tucson 7:05PM
  • July 12 Friday Tucson 5:05PM
  • July 13 Saturday Tucson 7:05PM
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  • July 14 - 17 Sunday - Wednesday All-Star Break
  • July 17 Wednesday Triple-A All-Star GAMe at Reno, NV
  • July 18 Thursday at Reno 7:05PM
  • July 19 Friday at Reno 7:05PM
  • July 20 Saturday at Reno 7:05PM
  • July 21 Sunday at Reno 6:05PM
  • July 22 Monday Reno 7:05PM
  • July 23 Tuesday Reno 7:05PM
  • July 24 Wednesday Reno 7:05PM
  • July 25 Thursday Reno 7:05PM
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  • July 26 Friday Sacramento 7:05PM
  • July 27 Saturday Sacramento 7:05PM
  • July 28 Sunday Sacramento 7:05PM
  • July 29 Monday Sacramento 7:05PM
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  • July 30 Tuesdays at Nashville 5:05PM
  • July 31 Wednesday at Nashville 5:05PM

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