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The weather grows hotter, the 4th of July weekend approaches and the summer season is in full swing. Here are my picks for the best things to do in and around Las Vegas this July.

Las Vegas Show Calendar

Use this handy reference to see show schedules for the best Las Vegas Shows in July.

Some highlights this month include the watery wonder O by Cirque du Soleil, master magicians and general hooligans Penn & Teller and Canadian songstress Celine Dion dazzles the stage at the Colosseum. Read More.

4th of July in Las Vegas

So you're one of those planner types. You like to know the what, where, who, when and why way in advance. Well Mr. (and Mrs and Miss) Attention to Detail you are in luck, at least when it comes to planning this 4th of July in Las Vegas. From parades to fireworks to sports to a bit of history, these 4th of July events and articles will help you plan your Independence Day Weekend. Read More.

A Monday Moment in Time

Yes folks, the Clark County Library system's Summerlin library has a lot more going on that musty old books and elderly librarians shushing you for laughing too loud. One Monday a month in the theater, they encourage you to laugh loudly to some of the classic comedies of old. While not as frequent as some of the other movie programs, the classic quality of the films in this series more than makes up for the quantity. Read More.

Boulder City Damboree Celebration

Each year on the 4th of July the Las Vegas "suburb" of Boulder City hosts the Boulder City Damboree Celebration. This year commemorates its 64th year with the catchphrase "Preserving Our Past to Educate the Future."Built in the 1930's to house and entertain the men building the Hoover Dam, Boulder City remains a quaint slice of Americana that is often difficult to find in modern, noisy and neon illuminated Las Vegas. Read More.

Botanical Gardens Tour at Lake Las Vegas

If you love plants or tinkering in your garden or maybe you're an herb-o-phile who amazes your family with culinary delights, then the Botanical Gardens Tour at Lake Las Vegas in Henderson is for you. Starting each Sunday at 9 AM this expert guided tour of the extensive collection of plants is a must see. Say hi to Randy when you're there. Call 702.567.6000 for blackout dates.

Farmer's Markets Across the Valley

Spring is here and the numerous farmer's markets that pop up all over the city are hopping. Looking for fresh local produce? Hankering for some tasty and unique home made sauces or deserts? Farmer's Markets are legendary for their fresh, unique, local, organic and often handmade goods that put those at the big box stores to shame. Shopping is available almost every dau of the week. Check the schedule here.

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