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First Fridays

Las Vegas' Best Monthly Party and Art Festival


First Fridays

Courtesy of Thomas Hawk

First Fridays have become the in the know event for those in the know. If you're not in the know have no fear, for this guide will provide you access to information on all the events, happenings and goings ons that have made First Friday's not just Nevada's premier art festival, but also on of the best parties in a town known for partying.

Part art festival and part street festival First Fridays occur, predictably, on the first Friday of every month. Centered on the revitalized heart of Downtown Las Vegas, First Fridays prove that Mayor Goodman's vision of downtown was a dream worth battling for. First Friday brings out the community in a town that has long had a rep for lacking community. Street performers meld with casual art fans. Street chalk artists, amateur and pro, young and old, create a new street panorama every month. Ice sculptors and fire breathers battle for elemental supremacy while local bands comfort and excite.

Best said, First Friday's may just be the best party in town and it is a well needed outburst of chaotic energies in a town famous for organized entertainment. Art buff, history nerds and food fanatics come together in refurbished buildings that not too long ago were eyesores and stains, but whose galleries, restaurants, shops and bars have become the cultural heart of Las Vegas.

First Friday's officially go from 6PM - 10PM, but keep your ear to the ground and eyes peeled for word and flyers on after parties and continue the fun into the night.

First Friday Info and Events.

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