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AVN Awards in Las Vegas

Naughty Awards Show Takes VEgas By Storm


In a sea of overdone, over-hyped and most certainly overdressed awards shows, the AVN Awards are a treat of a decidedly different flavor. Returning for its annual visit in January, the Adult Video News Awards celebrate, you guessed it, naughty movies.

And do they know how to celebrate. With nearly 100 categories across a wide gamut, The AVN’s take their smut seriously. Unfortunately most of the award categories, movie titles as well as some of the performer’s names cannot be reprinted here.

The Porn Oscars as they are often called bring some of the biggest stars in the blue movie business to Las Vegas for a crazy weekend of fun, skin and barely hidden debauchery. Play coy if you’d like, but though you may not know some of these names, you know some of their, um faces.

Sasha Grey, crossed over to the mainstream in Steven Soderbergh’s The Girlfriend Experience. Katie Morgan hosts her own quiz show on HBO. And if you’re one of the millions who reputedly purchased the big budget Pirates movies, you’ll remember the purposely bad acting and other attributes of one Evan Stone.

Las Vegas, the City of Sin, is the perfect haven for the year’s wildest, craziness and sexiest awards show. Where else can you accidentally sit on Ron Jeremy’s lap, catch Jenna Jameson at the blackjack table and see the newest up and comers in their ample flesh. If nothing else it is certainly the best people-watching event of the year.

Alongside the Consumer Electronics Show and the Professional Bull Riders Final and the National Finals Rodeo, the AVN Awards Show is one of Las Vegas’ biggest events and thousands of fans and industry vets flock to Sin City. It brings huge mountains of cash to town and tests the official motto “What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas” to the bursting point. Enjoy.

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