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Things To Do in the Las Vegas Valley


Las Vegas has rightly claimed the title of Entertainment Capital of the World. In these pages you'll find everything you need to make living and working in this great city every bit as rewarding as a first timers visit. Eat, party, learn and live.
  1. The Best Las Vegas Shows
  2. Free Things To Do In Vegas
  3. Las Vegas Calendar of Festivals and Events
  4. Las Vegas Concert Calendars
  5. Las Vegas Events
  6. Dining Out
  7. Casinos & Hotels
  1. Celebrate the Holidays
  2. Bars & Clubs
  3. Gambling
  4. Museums & Shows
  5. Pools & Attractions
  6. Staycations & Day Trips
  7. Sunday Funday

The Best Las Vegas Shows

Las Vegas has the best shows in the world, but they are not all created equal. I often get asked what the best shows in town are. To that end I've compiled a series of Best Of... of Las Vegas Show lists to help you decide.

    Free Things To Do In Vegas

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    Las Vegas has often been called Lost Wages, and while it is true that Sin City is good at taking your money these Free Things to Do in Vegas will help to lessen the blow a bit.

    Las Vegas Calendar of Festivals and Events

    Las Vegas' calendar year is chock full of festivals, conventions and events. These pages will be your guide to the monthly happening across Las Vegas.

    Las Vegas Concert Calendars

    las vegas concerts, smith center

    Las Vegas proudly lays claim to the title Entertainment Capital of the World. Gambling, dining, drinking, clubbing and shows dominate the agenda. Add in national and regional musical performers and Las Vegas can also lay claim to the title Concert Capital of the World. Use this monthly concert listing calendar to plan your musical enlightenment, purchase tickets and enrich your life with some great music.

    Las Vegas Events

    Use this handy guide to see all the annual events throughout the year.

    Dining Out

    Las Vegas has become one of the best culinary cities in the world. This guide will help you enjoy the best restaurants, cheapest eats and hidden gems throughout the Valley.

    Casinos & Hotels

    Las Vegas has some of the greatest Casinos and Hotels on the planet. Whether you are looking for a night out, a long weekend getaway close to home of have out of town guests to entertain here's a Las Vegas Residents' Guide to the best Casinos and Hotels in Las Vegas.

    Celebrate the Holidays

    From New Years Eve to Christmas, from Earth Day to Labor Day, Las Vegas is chock full of Holiday Celebrations. This is your guide to Holiday goings on across the Valley.

    Bars & Clubs

    Las Vegas' party scene and nightlife are truly legendary. In these pages you'll see everything from the hottest new clubs to old standby locals bars. come back often and you'll never have a dull night.


    Las Vegas is the Gambling capital of the World. Here is your guide to everything gambling, from gaming rules and odds to the best player's cards to places to get help with gambling problems.

    Museums & Shows

    Despite its reputation as a glitz and glamour city, Las Vegas has a extensive cultural base as well. Here is your guide to the Museums, Shows and other Cultural Events across the city.

    Pools & Attractions

    Las Vegas is rightly famous for having some of the best Pools and Attractions. From the roller coaster high atop the Stratosphere to the new pool at the Cosmopolitan, this is your guide to the best pool parties, attractions and thrill rides in Las Vegas.

    Staycations & Day Trips

    Las Vegas residents often overlook the greatness in their own back yard. This is a locals guide to "getting away" without leaving home and day trips that take no more than a tank full of gas.

    Sunday Funday

    Sunday is supposed to be a day of relaxation. This we've been told by teachers and parents since we were young. But in a city like Las Vegas there are many ways to relax while adding a bit of fun into the mix. To that end I give you Sunday Funday.

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