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Top Ten Las Vegas Sportsbooks


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Top Ten Las Vegas Sportsbooks
Top Ten Las Vegas Sportsbooks

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We locals quickly acclimate to the presence of sport betting. Some are professional gamblers, while others refrain completely. If you're like me then you probably fall somewhere in the middle. I got my first taste with a three team parlay during he NFL playoffs back in 2004 that won me enough to buy a real bed and toss the air mattress in the trash. Regardless of your sport betting acumen you will likely place the occasional wager. The question is where?

Las Vegas is full of places to play a parlay card on the NFL, lay down a few dollars on the ponies or try and beat down your friends March Madness bracket. As with many things in this city, the choices seem endless and while most sportsbooks in Las Vegas have something to recommend, there are those that stand above the rest.

This list of Top Ten Sports Books in Las Vegas is my attempt to make your choices easier. I'll give some crucial info on each book, tell you what earned them the spot on the list and provide contact info and location. Feel free to agree or disagree and please don't hesitate to comment.

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