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The Best Vegas Pool Parties

Get Chill and Be Hot at These Pools


The Best Vegas Pool Parties

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The Las Vegas pool party scene is legendary and now challenges, some say surpasses, Miami's South Beach as the greatest pool party city on the planet. From azure pools populated by gorgeous bronzed bodies and high end DJ's to more relaxed venues where a cocktail can be sipped while enjoying great conversation, Las Vegas' Pool Party scene has much to offer.

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This guide will give you information to help you choose the right Las Vegas pool party to cool down and heat up, all while enjoying a tasty beverage and some great food.

Rehab at Hard Rock

Long before the Hard Rock Hotel became the go to spot to see and be seen, pools dominated the Las Vegas strip. But it wasn’t until the arrival Rehab Sundays that the true Las Vegas pool party was born. Billed as the sexiest, hottest, tiniest bikini clad pool party in Vegas, Rehab....Read More.

Tao Beach

A sunlight bathed extension of Tao Nightclub, Tao Beach is an oasis dominated by itty-bitty bikinis, endorphin surging music and tasty beverages galore. Nestled in an 18,000 sq foot pool complex Tao Beach most assuredly has been transported en mass from the South Pacific, perhaps by Tao Beach.

Ditch Fridays at The Palms

Ditch Fridays at the Palms has a simple, if universal premise. Harkening back to the high school days of yore when nothing was better than ditching school and spending a day at the beach, Ditch Fridays ups this premise toLas Vegas pool party levels that would make the teenager in your past...Read More.

Azure at the Palazzo

Azure has all the amenities one expects at a high end Vegas pool. Daybeds, cabanas, champagne toasts and a gorgeous staff populate the Mediterranean style pool inspired by the Italian island ofRead More.

DayDream at The M Resort and Casino

Created by the same folks behind Blush, the Wynn’s posh boutique club, DayDream succeeds on many fronts. Featuring lower prices than many of the tourist swarmed pool parties, DayDream is truly a haven for locals. It is exactly this that makes it a hidden gem for visitors seeking to party like a local.Read More

Bare at the Mirage

Topless women abound, somehow freed of inhibition, basking in the amber glow of the sun that seems somehow different in Sin City than anywhere else. They come to bare not only their bodies, but their...Read More

Oasis of the Gods at Caesar's Palace

While other pool hot spots around Vegas may be more famous, or infamous, The newly revamped Garden of the God's pool complex certainly rises to the top of the Best Pool in Vegas discussion. Featuring six themed pools including the Fortuna pool, the Apollo, the Venus, the Jupiter, the Neptune and the Temple pool, Caesar's grand collection of pools has something for everyone.

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