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More Things To Do in Las Vegas

More Great Fun Things in Vegas


More Things To Do in Las Vegas

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After I began compiling my list of Things To Do In Las Vegas I realized that the topic was massive and required more than one (and probably more than two articles) to cover. So here my friends is my list of More Things To Do in Las Vegas. As the lists grow the topics become more interesting and odd. So keep reading and discover hidden gems.

Las Vegas Pool Parties

Las Vegas' legendary pool scene now challenges, some say surpasses, Miami's South Beach as the greatest pool party city on the planet. From azure pools populated by gorgeous bronzed bodies and high end DJ's to more relaxed venues where a cocktail can be sipped while enjoying great conversation, Las Vegas' Pool Party scene has much to offer. Read More.

First Fridays

Part art festival and part street festival First Fridays occur, predictably, on the first Friday of every month. Centered on the revitalized heart of Downtown Las Vegas, First Fridays prove that Mayor Goodman's vision of downtown was a dream worth battling for. First Friday brings out the community in a town that has long had a rep for lacking community. Street performers meld with casual art fans. Street chalk artists, amateur and pro, young and old, create a new street panorama every month. Ice sculptors and fire breathers battle for elemental supremacy while local bands comfort and excite. Read More.

Sunday Funday

Sunday is supposed to be a day of relaxation. This we've been told by teachers and parents since we were young. But in a city like Las Vegas there are many ways to relax while adding a bit of fun into the mix. To that end I give you Sunday Funday. Read More.

Staycations and Day Trips

Las Vegas residents often overlook the greatness in their own back yard. This is a locals guide to "getting away" without leaving home and day trips that take no more than a tank full of gas. Read More.

Sports in Vegas

Las Vegas isn't known as a mecca for pro sports. I even wrote on the slim chances that we'll ever see a pro franchise come to the Valley. I guess it is the price to be paid for all the other great things we can do in Vegas like Sports Betting, Table Games and all night partying. While we may never become a great sports city, we do have quite a few sports events that can help us through. Read More.

Las Vegas Attractions

Las Vegas is rightly famous for having some of the best Attractions. From the roller coaster high atop the Stratosphere to the new pool at the Cosmopolitan, this is your guide to the best attractions and thrill rides in Las Vegas. Read More.

Las Vegas Museums and Shows

Despite its reputation as a glitz and glamour city, Las Vegas has a extensive cultural base as well. Here is your guide to the Museums, Shows and other Cultural Events across the city. Read More.

Eating Across Las Vegas

Las Vegas has become one of the best culinary cities in the world. This guide will help you enjoy the best restaurants, cheapest eats and hidden gems throughout the Valley. Read More.

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