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Las Vegas Tequila Bars


Las Vegas Tequila Bars

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Tequila, like many of humanity’s greatest inventions, was the result of desperation. Spanish Conquistadors, having taken a break from pillaging, murdering and generally behaving badly realized that they’d run out of brandy, their spirit of choice. In the arid highlands of Central Mexico, near the modern day city of Tequila, they watched natives create an alcoholic beverage from the fermented sap of the Agave plant, a distant relative of the lily and most certainly not a cactus.

Thus Tequila was born; And generations of saloon outlaws, heads of state and spring breakers rejoiced. Ranging in quality from barely palatable, rotgut mix to to the ultra-premium sipping tequilas packaged in bottles that are themselves works of art, tequila is enjoying a renaissance unparalleled among spirits.

Whether you're just hankering for a margarita or looking for an authentic locale for Cinco de Mayo, then these establishments will have you singing in Spanish. Come with me, on a journey to Sin City’s finest purveyors of the champagne of Mexico.

Lindo Michoacan

Long my favorite Las Vegas Mexican restaurant, Lindo Michoacan is also a great place to enjoy tequila and even learn a thing or two about this famous (infamous?) south of the border spirit. Feeling adventurous, try a flight of tequila and you'll see that the drink of the agave has as much variety as bourbon and scotch.

Diablo’s Cantina at the Monte Carlo

Diablo’s Cantina dominates 13,000 square feet of prime Monte Carlo real estate. A sultry mix of American and Mexican culinary styles perfectly compliments Mexico’s favorite export. Boasting 32 varieties of agave’s gift, Diablo’s cool interior contrasts perfectly with the spicy food and sultry tequila sirens. Feeling adventurous? Grab a “Family Flight” to sample an entire family of one brand of tequila. Finish off with a Chupacabra, a cool fusion of fire and spice.

Isla at Treasure Island

Grown tired of the crowds and noise at Tangerine and looking for a break. Enjoy good food, a tasty sampling of south of the border drinks and some great conversation at Isla and you may just forget to go back to your friends or that you got a great deal on Mystere tickets. So, get away, take a chance and try The Goddess Elixir, and maybe, just maybe you'll meet your goddess for the evening.

Mi Casa Grill Cantina at Silverton

Okay, every tequila bar on the Strip wants you to think they’re the king, but Mi Casa just may have a good claim. Few can resist the raw power of a TequilaTemptress and her 65 varieties of tequila. More to the point few would want to.

Margaritaville at the Flamingo

No place on earth is more attuned to the word tequila that Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville. The place is built on the love of tequila. Going to see Nathan Burton, why not run in and say Hi to Mark Nillson or Crazy Mo, two of Sin City’s snazzier bartenders, and sip a Pink Cadillac Margarita or twelve, before taking int he magic.

Pink Taco at Hard Rock

Hard Rock has long been a local fave hangout and the Pink Taco is one of the reasons it stays that way. Nestled between the bathrooms and some great rock and roll memorabilia, Pink Taco is a great place to head to before seeing a show at the Joint, checking out Rehab at the Hard Rock Pool or heading to the Sportsbook for a wager.

Tequila Bar at Bally's

A bar loaded with 60 premium tequilas awaits you at Bally's. A short walk from the Sportsbook and right int he thick of the action that is Bally's, the Tequila Bar has earned a reputation as one of Las Vegas' best hidden gems. Casual dress and reasonable prices(especially when comparing it the The Sterling Brunch) make this a frequent must visit.

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