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Best Shows in Las Vegas


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The Best Las Vegas Shows
Best Shows in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas shows is what Sin City is all about. While Las Vegas was built on gambling, the founding fathers of this city in the desert quickly came to realize that to keep gamblers, and their fat wallets, in town they needed to provide world class entertainment. From Elvis to the Rat Pack entertainment quickly became gambling's more upstanding twin. Here is a list of the Best Shows in Las Vegas.

Much has changed in the 100 years since the city's incorporation. The Las Vegas shows have become grander, more outlandish and more beautiful. Here is my list of the best Las Vegas shows. for this list I've excluded comedians, musicians, hypnotists and magicians (they'll have their own lists soon)and kept straight up theatrical and acrobatic gems.

My list is in alphabetical order and you may agree or you may disagree. The only way to be sure is to grab your own discount tickets and see for yourself. I encourage you to do so and agree, disagree or otherwise comment. Happy entertaining.

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