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The Best Las Vegas Magic Shows


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Las Vegas Magic Shows
The Best Las Vegas Magic Shows

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Las Vegas Magic shows has become as synonymous with Sin City as gambling, eating, drinking and entertainment. While sex sells, magic shows enthralls. Be it sleight of hand card tricks, embarrassing hijinks while under hypnosis or extravagant shows to rival Vegas' Best Shows, the following Las Vegas magic shows have earned a place on any Best of Las Vegas list.

They run the gamut from the quirky family friendly magic of Mac King to the uncensored hypnotism of Anthony Cools to Vegas legends Penn & Teller. Variety is the key and any one of these shows will tickle the hidden spot in all of us that wishes we too could tap our inner Harry Houdini.

My list of Las Vegas magic shows is in alphabetical order and you may agree or you may disagree. The only way to be sure is to grab your own tickets and see for yourself. I encourage you to do so and agree, disagree or otherwise comment.

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