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Photo Courtesy of Spring Mountain Motor Ranch

Located a short 45 minutes from Las Vegas in the unassuming town of Pahrump lies one of the true hidden gems of Southern Nevada. Nestled amidst the peace of the desert and mountains is a place that is decidedly raucous. Welcome to the Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club, an completely different take on the traditional country club. Where your everyday country club boasts golf clubs and greens, Spring Mountain roars to life with Corvettes and asphalt.

Utterly unique in Nevada, and unmatched worldwide Spring Mountain is a one of a kind experience. Members come to drive Corvettes and Radical racecars around a four mile track at speeds vastly in excess of legal street driving. Spring Mountain is the place to go to get away and feel that surge of adrenaline.

Yet Spring Mountain is not just a racetrack, but also a “complete country club experience, featuring an 8,000 sq. foot club house that includes a spa, racquetball courts, a rock climbing wall, pool tables and even a gun range. There are even onsite condos for rent.

Membership in Spring Mountain has its privileges. They guarantee at least 16 days of track access and will fully train you to handle the horsepower at either the Corvette driving school (the Official Driving School of Chevrolet) or the Radical (a full blown racecar from the UK) driving school. This is a country club for big boys who love speed. With two levels of membership and numerous guest benefits it is a country club membership you, your family, business associates and friends will love.

“You won’t find anything else better than Spring Mountain,” Mike Weeks VP of Marketing said. “Others like to compare themselves to us, but we are the benchmark.”

“Take a trip out [to Pahrump] and take a tour, get a ride in the car” and you will want to sign on the dotted line.

Contact Info

Website: Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club

3601 South Hwy 160,
Pahrump, NV 89048

Toll Free: 800-391-6891
Local: 775-727-6363 / Fax: 775-727-6366

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