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David Spade at the Venetian

SNL Vet Performs at The Venetian


David Spade at the Venetian

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David Spade has a chip on his shoulder. He's always been the  little guy with a baby face; the smart kid who defends himself with humor; the dude voted most likely to be forgotten by your high school classmates. Don’t fret, as you just might be the next David Spade.

Spade has made a career playing the smart-aleck little guy who dares the giant dimwits of the world to call his bluff. Few, if any, have. Combining a biting wit, with a strident self-confidence Spade has had a career that many could envy.

At 24 he was a writer/performer on Saturday Night Live. By 32 he’d played a modern day Laurel to Chris Farley’s Hardy in the “classic” films Tommy Boy and Black Sheep. He topped out his late 30’s as the standout character Dennis Finch in the long running sitcom Just Shoot Me! By any measure he has had a career to envy.

But the greatness of Spade does not end there. Spade has elevated the little man to the greatest of heights by beating the big boys at their own game. He’s been attached to such Hollywood beauties as the ageless Heather Locklear and Playboy Playmate Jillian Grace, who gave birth to his daughter. So triumphs brains over brawn.

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David Spade at the Venetian
Venetian Showroom
3355 South Las Vegas Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV 89109
More Info: 702.414.1000

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