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Carlos Mencia at Treasure Island

Re-Curring Residency for Fan Favorite Comic


Carlos Mencia at Treasure Island

Photo Courtesy of Treasure Island

Carlos Mencia at Treasure Island
3300 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109
General Information: 702-894-7111

About The show:Americans love to laugh. We laugh at our neighbors, our leaders and ourselves. It is one of the reasons we’re the best country on the planet. We get to mock our President, poke fun at our elders and turn the scalpel of sarcasm on the reflection staring at us from our mirrors.

Is it any wonder then that our best comedians have attained priest like status. George Carlin gave us the “Seven dirty words you can’t use on television,” Jon Stewart gives us our daily “Moment of Zen,” and Carlos Mencia lets us into his mind.

Mencia surged into the big time after the untimely demise of Chappelle’s Show, with the unveiling of The Mind of Mencia. A mixture of social satire, bizarre skits and outright angry disgust, Mencia’s show helped fill the humor void.

Mencia is a master of observation and skewers hypocrisy and stupidity wherever he sees it. In a recent HBO special he rails against the dumbing down of American schools. “If you’re stupid, don’t worry, we’ll lower the standards…”

Sure, he can be rude, he spews more swears than a fleet of drunken sailors but you always know you’ll get the truth from him. Maybe our leaders need to be held to the same standards.

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