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While Las Vegas may not have the world famous museums of New York City or the attractions of Orlando, it does dominate the world of shows. Here is your guide to the museums, shows and attractions that will thrill your senses, spike your adrenaline and challenge your brain.
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Fountains of Bellagio Songs
The Fountains of Bellagio have become one of Las Vegas' most watched attractions. Below is a list of the songs that have been featured during this aquatic extravaganza

Times to see the Fountains of Bellagio
The Fountains of Bellagio have become one of Las Vegas' most watched attractions. Below is a list of the times to see this aquatic extravaganza.

Las Vegas Mob Experience
Everyone knows the Mob built Vegas. Legendary figures like Meyer Lansky and Bugsy Siegel are synonymous with the era when Las Vegas grew from a backwater dusty town into the monster of entertainment and glitz it has become today. But, apart from Scorsese's fictional movie Casino, few know the real tales behind this sordid and thrilling time in...

Zip Lining in Las Vegas

Las Vegas 51s Fireworks Extravaganza
What is more American than baseball, hot-dogs and fireworks? If you shrugged and said not much then the annual Las Vegas 51s Fireworks Extravaganza is for you and the family. For nearly 30 years baseball has been played in North Vegas at Cashman Field and for many of those years they've celebrated America's Birthday. This year the Las Vegas 51s...

Free Museum Admission for Bank of America Card
Free Museum Admission with your Bank of America Card

The Best Vegas Shows
Much has changed in the 100 years since the city's incorporation. the shows have become grander, more outlandish and more beautiful. Here is my list of the best shows currently running in Las Vegas. for this list I've excluded comedians, musicians, hypnotists and magicians (they'll have their own lists soon)and kept straight up theatrical and...

Consumer Electronics Show
Each year in early January the Who's Who of technology companies, inventors and gadget-teers descend upon the Las Vegas Convention Center for the industries largest and most important convention. The Consumer Electronics Show takes place over a week and remains one of the most important conventions of the year.

What is the Best Show in Las Vegas?
I've recently provided you with my favorite Las Vegas shows. Now you may agree,disagree or think me crazy, so I'm giving you a voice. Tell me what I got right, what I got wrong and what I missed all together.

The Best Las Vegas Magic Shows
Magic has become as synonymous with Las Vegas as gambling, eating, drinking and entertainment. While sex sells, magic enthralls. Be it sleight of hand card tricks, embarrassing hijinks while under hypnosis or extravagant shows to rival Vegas' Best Shows, the following magic shows have earned a place on any Best of Las Vegas list.

Crazy Horse Paris
Crazy Horse is not a strip show. It is art in motion. 12 of the most perfectly jaw dropping beauties, stroked and painted by multicolored lights against a filmic backdrop sure to amaze, arouse and entertain.

Las Vegas Movie Theaters
I've compiled an easy to use guide to all the movie theaters in Las Vegas. Use it to check tickets times, purchase tickets and help plan your movie going experience. Fade In.

Blue Man Group Interview
Not too long after I first saw The Blue Man Group I was asked by a friend to describe the experience. I'll tell you what I told him, you really do need to see it to understand it, and then you still probably won't . But one thing is sure, you'll leave pretty damn happy and with the odd sensation that despite the just plain oddness of the show...

Concert Venues in Las Vegas
Las Vegas has long been legendary for its entertainment. Its shows have become legends and people flock to the city in droves. Yet amidst the early mornings at the blackjack table, the nights watching wide eyed as Cirque du Soleil performers amaze and the titillating ladies of the burlesque shows, Vegas also hides some amazing concert venues.

Things To Do in Las Vegas
Whether you are a long time resident or a newly minted Las Vegas local this largest city in Nevada has so many things to do that one can easily feel overwhelmed. From shows to gambling to amazing natural wonders the ways you can spend a day or evening are virtually limitless.

Las Vegas 51s
The Las Vegas 51s have brought minor league baseball to Southern Nevada since 1983 (though they were originally known as the Las Vegas Stars). Since their arrival in Las Vegas this Triple A team has been an affiliate of the San Diego Padres, Los Angeles Dodgers, Toronto Blue Jays, and as of 2012, the New York Mets.

Spring Valley Motorsports Ranch
Located a short 45 minutes from Las Vegas in the unassuming town of Pahrump lies one of the true hidden gems of Southern Nevada. Nestled amidst the peace of the desert and mountains is a place that is decidedly raucous. Welcome to the Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club, an completely different take on the traditional country club....

Recycled Percussion
Credited in some circles with “starting that whole bucket drumming thing,” Recycled Percussion's shows are a energetic maelstrom of lights, guitar and drumming of all kinds.No item that has the potential to make noise is safe from their frenetic onslaught.

Tix 4 Tonight Ticket Booths
Put it simply Tix4 Tonight are ticket booths scattered throughout Las Vegas that offer same day tickets to dozens of Las Vegas Shows at at half price. Not every show sells out every night, so the people at Tix4 Tonight buy these unsold tickets in bulk and then pass on the savings to you. Tickets go on sale at 10:00 AM each morning and are sold at a first come first serve basis. To get look at the shows on sale on any given day check out Tix4 Tonight's Sneak Peak and then get to your nearest Tix4 Tonight booth, stand in line and hope. They advise picking your top three shows so that you don't leave empty handed.

Top Ten Things to Do Out of Doors in Las Vegas This Fall
Welcome to Fall in Las Vegas. The weather gas grown cooler and gone are the days of shoe melting jaunts down he Las Vegas Strip. Like our northern friends who become snowbound in winter, we Las Vegans residents pour from our homes when the 120 degree summer is gone.

Best Places to Watch Boxing in Las Vegas
Boxing has long been king in Las Vegas, and while MMA, table games, sportsbetting and Cirque du Soleil also thrive in Sin City, when a big boxing bout comes to town all eyes are on the ring. It is therefore of little surprise that Las Vegas has the best and most options for watching live boxing.

Las Vegas Natural History Museum
When the Las Vegas Natural History Museum opened its doors on July 16, 1991 it was heralded as the beginning of the revitalization of Downtown Vegas.In the years since it has become a cornerstone of the Downtown "cultural corridor." It is across the street from the Lied Discovery Children's Museum and is considered by most to be the preeminent history museum in Nevada. The museum is a non-profit, privately owned museum that features a variety international and regional exhibits. Among the best are the animated dinosaurs of the Englestad Family Prehistoric Life Gallery, the Treasures of Egypt exhibit that explores the life and era of King Tut ( Tutankamun and the Dinosaur Mummy CSI exhibit.

The National Atomic Testing Museum
The National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas. Weird Vegas attractions

The Fright Dome
With it’s background in great shows and extravagant sets it is little wonder that the annual Halloween extravaganza Fright Dome continues to rank among the top scariest Halloween attraction in the nation.

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