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Las Vegas 2012 Election Results

National Election Results for Nevada and Las Vegas


Las Vegas 2012 Election Results

Photo Courtesy of City of Las Vegas

The 2012 Campaign season was one of the more brutal on memory and Nevada played a key role as a swing state in the Presidential Election. Nearly Now that the votes are in the winners have been announced. Here are the election results of interest to Las Vegas residents.

Voter Turnout in Clark County:

Clark County has 852,413 registered voter and with over 80% of us voting that is a stat we can all be proud of.

  • Election Day Voters: 203,261 for 23.85%
  • Early Voting: 436,568 for 51,22%
  • Mail Voting: 49,982 for 5,86$
  • Total Voters: 689,811 for 80.92%

President of the United States:

Barack Obama defeats Mitt Romney to earn a second term in one of the closest races in recent memory. While President Obama won the Electoral College by a wide margin, he barely wont he popular vote. Current Estimates are listed below.

  • President Obama (Dem): 59,725,608 votes
  • Governor Romney (Rep): 57,098,650 votes.

In Nevada President Obama saw a greater margin of victory to take the states six electoral votes.

  • President Obama (Dem): 529,005 for 52.3 %
  • Governor Romney (Rep): 462,607 for 45.73%

Here in Clark County President Obama won by a considerably larger margin.

  • President Obama (Dem): 388,182 votes for 56.36 %
  • Gov. Romney's (Rep): 288,408 votes for 41.87 %.

United States Senate:

Dean Heller (Rep) defeats Shelley Berkley (Dem) by barely 12,000 votes and took til midnight on election day to tally. This bitter and close fought race sees Heller voted into the seat he was appointed to in 2011. Heller dominated the entire state save for Clark County where Berkley won heartily. The swing votes may have been absorbed by Third Party Candidate David Lory Vanderbeek (IAP) who got barely more votes than None of the Above.

  • Dean Heller (Rep): 456,640 votes for 45.91%
  • Shelley Berkley (Dem):444,513 votes for 44.69%
  • David Lory Vanderbeek (IAP): 48,558 votes for 4.88 %
  • None of the Above: 44,907 votes for 4.51%

United States Representative in Congress District 1:

In Clark County Dina Titus (Dem) defeats Chris Edwards (Rep) by nearly double the votes returning her to the Congress she served in from 2009 to 2011 as the Representative from Nevada's 3rd District.

  • Dina Titus (Dem): 113,377 votes for 63.53%
  • Chris Edward (Rep): 56,357 votes for 31.58%
  • William Bell Pojunis (Lib): 4,614 votes for 2.59%
  • Stan Vaughn (IAP): 4,120 votes for 2.31%

United States Representative in Congress District 2:

In the northern part of Nevada Mark E. Amodei (Rep) defeated Samuel Koepnick (Dem) by a wide margin. Independents Michael L. Haines and Russell Best did not significantly affect the race.

  • Mark E. Amodei (Rep): 161,915 votes for57.70%
  • Samuel Koepnick (Dem): 101,594 votes for 36.21%
  • Michael L. Haines (IAP): 11,082 votes for 3.95%
  • Russell Best (IAP): 6,006 votes for 2.14%

United States Representative in Congress District 3:

The Southernmost part of Nevada also went Republican as Joe Heck (Rep) defeated John Oceguera (Dem). the race was close enough that Independent candidates Jim Murphy and Tom Jones may have altered the political landscape.

  • Joe Heck (Rep): 136,905 votes for 50.4%
  • John Oceguera (Dem): 116,385 votes for 42.84%
  • Jim Murphy (IAP): 116,385 votes for 4.71%
  • Tom Jones (IAP):5,580 votes for 2.15%

United States Representative in Congress District 4:

The Middle part of Nevada went Democrat in 2012 as Steven A. Horsford (Dem) defeated son of Coach Tarkanian Danny Tarkanian (Rep). AS in District 3 independent votes drawn by candidates Floyd Fitzgibbons and Joseph Silvestri made a significant impact.

  • Steven A. Horsford (Dem): 120,096 votes for 50.06%
  • Danny Tarkanian (Rep): 101,136 votes for 42.15%
  • Floyd Fitzgibbons (IAP): 9,376 votes for 3.91%
  • Joseph Silvestri (IAP):9,308 votes for 3.88%

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