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Rules For Common Las Vegas Table Games

A Gambling Guide for Locals


Rules For Common Las Vegas Table Games

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Whether you're a long term native of Las Vegas or new to the Valley gambling will likely be a part of your life. It is one of the things that makes life unique in Nevada and in Las Vegas in particular. I grew up in New Hampshire and the only betting I ever came across was Megabucks and the perennial $1 wager my father and I placed on the Super Bowl. While my travels brought me into contact with some forms of gambling nothing came close to the culture shock of being able to toss a $10 bill into a poker machine at the local 7-11 while grabbing some milk. It took me a while to get the gist of gaming in this town, but with this guide to Table Game Rules you'll have a jump start that I never did.


Arguably the most popular table game in Las Vegas, and my personal favorite, blackjack is a relatively simple game to understand with many subtleties to truly master. Nothing can make or break a table more than the people you're gambling with. A reckless or ignorant blackjack player not only wastes his or her own money, but can cost you as well. Check out these links for rules, tips and strategies for Blackjack.


With the explosion of poker tournaments across the country it is of little surprise that casinos across Las Vegas have invested millions into their poker rooms. From locals casinos like The M Resort and Green Valley Ranch to higher profile favorites like Caesar's Palace and the Bellagio, poker is the king of table games. Poker is a true mental sport, where a players skill and ability to bluff trump the cards in their hands. While Texas Hold Em' remains the top dog among poker styles, the poker rooms across Las Vegas are home to numerous styles of play. Check out these links for rules, tips and strategies for Poker.


My buddy C-Winn wins at this game so frequently I always fear that the gambling police are going to take him away. For me, Craps is like the secrets of the Illuminati, confusing, confounding and beyond my ken. Yet, despite my complete ignorance I have made some decent money putting chips where he tells me. This dice and felt game is usually the most boisterous area of the casino floor. Even if you don't want to play, watching is a great spectator sport. Check out these links for rules, tips and strategies for Craps.


Roulette is the game that most newbies play first. It is deceptively simple and my guess is that the spinning ball's hypnotic power helps soothe the nerves of the newbie gambler.While not possessed of the best odds out of the various Las Vegas casino games, roulette remains popular for its easy play and low stress approach. Plus the ball makes a very satisfactory noise when it lands on your number. Check out these links for rules, tips and strategies for Roulette.

Slots and Video Poker

Las Vegas has more slot machines than people. Okay that may be a slight exaggeration, but the amount of slots, video poker, keno and other electronic gambling machines is huge. They can be found everywhere from grocery stores to mega resort casinos to local gaming bars. I once joked to a friend that the only two places you cannot find a electronic gambling machine in Las Vegas are churches and schools, and I'm sure someone has a proposal on the table somewhere to open those markets. They are fun and addictive and you will always remember your first "Royal." Check out these links for rules, tips and strategies for slots and Video Poker.

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