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How to Get Around Las Vegas

Cabs, Buses, Trams and More.


How to Get Around Las Vegas

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Lets face it folks the Las Vegas Valley is huge. While a car is the key component to getting around the city for most, some residents don't own one. Fear not car-less Las Vegan there are plenty of alternate transportation options in town and my guide to Getting around Las Vegas will help you find the way. Even if you have a car, we are a party town, and even longtime residents will make their way down to the Strip from time to time, spend a night Downtown or head across the Valley to Henderson or Green Valley Ranch. Use these alternates to driving and help ensure we all make it home safe.

How To Catch a Cab in Las Vegas

There are thousands upon thousands of cabs in Las Vegas and unlike some cities the industry is both highly regulated and highly organized. This How To will help you understand exactly how and where to grab a cab anywhere in Las Vegas, hints and advice for tipping and making sure you don't get ripped off, the proper way to lodge a complaint if you feel you have been taken for a ride and even contact numbers for all the cab companies licensed to do business in Las Vegas. Read More.

Taking the Bus: The Las Vegas Regional Transportation System.

With a massive and comprehensive system of interconnected routes and stops the public bus system in Las Vegas can get you from just about anywhere to just about anywhere, if you have the time. Great for those without cars of their own, the RTC has several dedicated express routes as well as numerous buses that can get you up and down the Strip with relative ease. The bus system has the advantage of being cheaper than a cab or rent a car, but offers less freedom of movement and will reduce the amount of time to enjoy the city. See the complete schedule and rates.

The Deuce Double Decker Bus

The Deuce is the Las Vegas Regional Transport systems double decker bus route that runs up and down the Strip (aka Las Vegas Blvd) from Mandalay Bay (and on occasions down to the Southern Strip Transfer Terminal) all the way up to the Las Vegas Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement in Downtown. With stops at just about everything of note on the Strip the Deuce will get you there. It also has the added advantage of being a tourist attraction all its own. Climb upstairs to the top and you'll feel a bit like you've hopped the pond to London. That is until you look out the window and see the amazing panorama of lights and architecture that makes looking at the Strip almost as fun as venturing onto it. See the complete schedule and rates.

Las Vegas Monorails and Trams

Residents have a love hate relationship with the Las Vegas Monorail. Deemed to expensive and battling a long history of delays, shutdowns and negative impressions the Las Vegas Monorail does, despite its issues, make it simple (and cooler, much, much cooler during those brutal summer months) to get around on the Strip. It will remind some riders of the monrail at Disney World in Orlando, and with good reason as some of the cars were in fact purchased, refurbished and updated from the home of Mickey Mouse. Adding onto and expanding the range are several privately owned and run trams. See the complete schedule and rates.

New Sahara Express Bus Route

Featuring a dedicated bus only lane the brand new Sahara Bus Route is designed to help Las Vegas residents quickly and easily move east and west from Las Vegas to as far away as Boulder City. Designed to alleviate the often horrendous traffic drivers experience along Sahara during rush hour, the dedicated bus only lane will make it easier to make stops without further clogging traffic. Read More.

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