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Las Vegas has some of the best comedy shows to be found anywhere. Not only do we have a talented crop of locals, but few towns in the world can top Las Vegas' crop of comedians that have residencies at one major hotel or another. When you come to Vegas you want to gamble and party, but isn't what you really wanting is to laugh out loud. Few emotions express utter joy better than laughter and these Las Vegas comedians will help you do just that.

Tim Allen at The Venetian Showroom
People bandy about the phrase The American Dream in sappy daytime soaps, car commercials and blast country songs without ever truly examining what the dream really is. Tim Allen, actor, comedian, voice over artist and "tool man" proves that despite a hefty wrong turn on the highway of life, The American Dream exists for those willing to work for it. With his occasional residency at the Venetian Showroom comedian Tim Allen proves the American Dream is real. Read More.

David Spade in Las Vegas
Comedian David Spade has a chip on his shoulder. He's always been the little guy with a baby face; the smart kid who defends himself with humor; the dude voted most likely to be forgotten by your high school classmates. Don't fret, as you just might be the next David Spade. Read More.

Lewis Black in Las Vegas
Lewis Black is still livid and that is great news for all of us. The bespectacled comedian, best known for his Back in Black segments on Comedy Central's the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, wasn't always the edge of sanity comedian we know today. Read More.

Bill Maher in Las Vegas
Las Vegas is home to many a strong opinion and when comedian Bill Maher, legendary lefty political commentator, biting comedian and ladies man comes to town those opinions become a bit stronger. Among Las Vegas comedians a political message isn't rare, but few skewer the right wing politicos with such gusto and fire as Bill Maher. Read More.

Vinnie Favorito in Las Vegas
Vinnie Favorito ain't most comedians. While most Las Vegas comedians prepare their shows in advance, practicing in front of a mirror, hiring up and comers to write jokes for them, Boston comedian Vinnie Favorito performs each show without preparation, cue cards or designed skits. In Las Vegas... Read More.

Brad Garrett Comedy Club in Las Vegas
A truly great comedy club is hard to find. Lame comedians, overpriced drinks and bad atmosphere can conspire to kill the dream of the comedic entrepreneur. Luckily for us, comedian Brad Garrett has the business savvy and star power to insure that none of these problems befall his newly minted Brad Garrett Comedy Club at the... Read More.

The Improv at Harrahs in Las Vegas
Those of us who walk through the doors of the Improv at Harrahs may not know just how many laughs have been heard in the hallowed halls, but our Improv is a younger sibling of the greatest comedy club of all time. Read up, and the next time you walk these hallowed halls you'll feel part of... Read More.

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